Terms & Conditions

This Agreement by and between individual(s) known Rancho RV Sites hereinafter known as the “Landlord Agent” and hereinafter known as the “Tenant(s)”, agree to the following:

OCCUPANT(S): The Premises is to be occupied strictly as a residential dwelling by the Tenant(s) mentioned above as the Occupant(s). Tenant(s) are responsible for the actions of their  guest(s) while visiting Rancho California RV Resort and the Premises and are required to confirm visitors with Security prior to guest(s) arrival.

LANDLORD AGENT: The Landlord authorizes the following to act on their behalf regarding the Premises for all Tenant(s) communication, repair, maintenance, or compliant other than a breach of this Agreement: The Individual(s) known as Sharlynn Page can be contacted at the following: RanchoRVSites.com, or [email protected]. Hereafter known as “Landlord Agent”.

OFFER TO RENT: The Landlord hereby rents to the Tenant(s), subject to the following terms and conditions of the Agreement that are documented in move-in photos to be taken prior to or at the time of Tenant(s) move-in date. Hereinafter known as the “Premises”, The Landlord or Landlord Agent may not use the address for notices sent to the “Tenant(s)”.

PURPOSES: The Tenant(s) and any occupant(s) may only use the Premises as a residential dwelling. It may not be used for storage, manufacturing of any type of stated in this Agreement.

RENT: Tenant(s) shall pay the Landlord Agent the execution of this Agreement and paid electronically to the Landlord Agent’s account for the faithful performance of all terms and conditions agreed upon in the document. The Security Deposit is to be returned to the Tenant(s) within 21 days after this Agreement has terminated and the Premises have been inspected, less any damage charges and without interest. This Security Deposit shall not be credited toward rent unless the Landlord Agent gives their written consent. The Tenant(s) will not move into the Premises before the start date of the Lease Term.

LATE FEE: If rent is not paid on the due date, a late fee will be assessed by the Landlord Agent in the amount of $25 (USD) for every day the rent is late after the First (1st) Day rent is due. If rent is not paid, and no contact is made by Tenant(s) within 5 days of the rent due date an eviction process will be instituted.

UTILITIES: In the case of long-term rentals (e.g., at more than 30-day Lease Agreement) electricity is to be paid for by the Tenant(s). The Landlord will provide an electronic bill via email every month with the current amount due. Payments are due immediately upon receipt and paid to Landlord’s account as directed by Landlord. Electricity fees are typically included in short-term rentals (less than 30 days) .

RESORT USAGE FEE: The Association requires a resort usage fee on all rentals. The fee is $30 for two nights or less, $90 for 3 to 29 nights, $150 for 30 to 180 nights, and $300 for 181 days or more on the same site. This one-time fee is in addition to the normal rental rates for the site. If Tenant(s) move to a different site, the Resort Usage Fee applies again and will be charged when making the reservation.

RANCHO CALIFORNIA RV RESORT: The Tenant is to read and acknowledge the Rancho CA RV Resort rules and bylaws and adhere to them (especially noise and quiet hours, trash and visiting rules). If any violation(s) is noted in any way the Tenant(s) will be responsible for all fees, fines and/or legal proceedings resulting from infractions during their residency. The Landlord and or Landlord Agent is not to be held responsible and reserves the right to immediately terminate the Lease Agreement with the Tenant(s).              

MOVE-IN INSPECTION: Before, at the time of the Tenant(s) accepting possession, or shortly thereafter, the Landlord Agent and Tenant(s) shall perform an inspection to document the present condition of all appliances, fixtures, furniture, and any existing conditions of the Premises.

POSSESSION: Tenant(s) has examined the condition of the Premises and by taking possession acknowledges that they have accepted the Premises in good order and in its current condition except as herein otherwise stated. Failure of the Landlord to deliver possession of the Premises at the start of the Lease Term to the Tenant(s) shall terminate this Agreement at the option of the Tenant(s). Furthermore, under such failure to deliver possession by the Landlord, and if the Tenant(s) cancels this Agreement, The Security Deposit (if any) shall be returned to the Tenant(s) along with any other pre-paid rent, fees, including if the Tenant(s) paid a fee during the application process before the execution of the Agreement.

ACCESS: Upon the beginning of Proration Period or the start of the Lease Term, whichever is earlier, the Landlord and Landlord Agent agrees to give access to the Tenant(s) in the form of keys, fobs, cards, or any type of keyless security entry as needed to open storage boxes on the Premises or enter the common areas. Front gate access for Tenant(s) and their guests is only allowed via the Guest Gate. Duplicate copies of the access provided may only be authorized under the consent of the Landlord Agent and, if any replacements are needed, the Landlord Agent may provide them for a fee of $25 per piece replaced. At the end of this Agreement all access provided to the Tenant(s) shall be returned to the Landlord Agent or a fee will be charged to the Tenant(s), or the fee will be subtracted from the Security Deposit.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: The Landlord Agent shall have the right to enter the Premises during normal working hours by providing notice in accordance with the minimum State requirement for Inspection, make necessary repairs, alterations, improvements, to supply services as agreed or for any reasonable purpose. The Landlord agent may exhibit the Premises to prospective purchases, mortgagees, or lessees upon reasonable notice.

SALE OF PROPERTY: Should the leased Property be listed For Sale, Tenant(s) agrees to make the Premises available in a clean manner for Showings or Open Houses. Tenant(s) shall be notified in advance of any Showing or Open House. If the Premises is sold, the Tenant(s) is to be notified of the new Owner, and if there is a new Landlord Agent, their contact details for repairs and maintenance shall be forwarded. If the Premises is conveyed to another party, the new owner shall have the right to terminate this Agreement. The new owner shall have the right to terminate ONLY after providing at least 30 days’ notice to Tenant(s).

LOT CLEANLINESS: The lot is to be maintained to the Rancho California RV Resort and Landlord’s standards, the Landlord and/or Landlord Agent shall have the ability to inspect the Premises if given 24-hour notice or as dictated by local laws. The Tenant(s) shall be responsible for maintaining in good condition or reporting problems to Landlord Agent during their residency

MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS, ALTERATIONS: The Tenant(s) shall, at their own expense and always, maintain the Premises in a clean and sanitary manner, and shall surrender the Premises the same at termination hereof, in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted. The Tenant(s) may not make any alterations to the leased Premises without the consent in writing of the Landlord Agent. The Landlord shall be responsible for repairs to the interior and exterior to the build-out. If the Premises includes a washer, dryer, refrigerator/freezer, dehumidifier unit and/or air conditioning unit, the Landlord makes no warranty as to the repair or replacement of units if one or all shall fail to operate.

EARLY TERMINATION: The Tenant(s) is not able to cancel this Agreement prior to the end of the Lease term unless the Tenant(s) give written 30-day notice to vacate. In such case, the Tenant(s) may not be able to cancel under certain conditions in accordance with Local, State or Federal laws. It is considered a violation of the Lease if no written notice is given to the Landlord Agent and Tenant(s) shall lose all deposits and rent paid held by Landlord and/or Landlord Agent.

SUB-LETTING: The Tenant(s) shall not have the right to sub-let the Premises or any part thereof without the prior written consent of the Landlord Agent. If consent is granted by the Landlord Agent, the Tenant(s) will be responsible for all actions and liabilities of the Sub-lessee including but not limited to damage to the Premises, non-payment of rent, and any eviction process (in the event of eviction the Tenant(s) shall be responsible for all court filing fee(s), representation, and any other fee(s) associated with removing the Sub-lessee). The consent by the Landlord Agent to one sub-let shall not be deemed to be consent to any subsequent sub-letting.

ASSIGNMENT: Tenant(s) shall not assign this Lease without the prior written consent of the Landlord Agent. The consent by the Landlord Agent to one assignment shall not be deemed to be consent to any subsequent assignment.

ABANDONMENT: If the Tenant(s) vacates or abandons the property for a period that is the minimum set by State law or seven (7) days, whichever is less, without notifying the Landlord Agent that Tenant(s) are traveling. The Landlord Agent shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and remove all belongings including any personal property off the Premises.

PARKING SPACE: The Parking Space(s) shall be described as: Parking at lot as allowed by Rancho California RV Resort HOA rules and regulations (no vehicles wrapped in business promotional information). Please refer to the HOA regulations. The Landlord Agent shall provide the Tenant(s) one (1) Parking Space as afforded within the RV lot boundaries. The Landlord Agent shall not charge a fee for the one (1) Parking Space.


INSURANCE: Occupants personal property, including RV & vehicles, are not insured by site Landlord, Landlord Agent or Rancho California RV Resort Owners Association against loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, personal injury, weather, or anything. It is recommended that the renter carries or obtains insurance to protect all occupants, pets and personal property from any loss or damage. Be aware that you rent a site near the golf course and may be exposed to errant golf balls and all lawn sprinklers; your RV and/or vehicles may get damaged or wet.

RENTER(s) INDEMNITY:  To the fullest extent of the law the undersigned renter hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Landlord or Landlord Agent, Rancho RV Sites, LLC, its Directors, Managers and Employees, Rancho California RV Resort Owners’ Association, its Directors, Managers and Employees and immediate/extended family members harmless from and against all claims, actions, causes of action, damages, awards, costs, including attorney fees, judgements, and/or demands which might be made by you the renter or any other third party including any person brought into the resort by you, but not limited to, employees and their guests who claim personal injury, bodily injury, death, and/or property damage, when such claims arise from that party’s use of the lot, and/or RV unit and/or for occurrences, actions, and or events occurring on the lot. The indemnity further covers claims by renters of the lot or their guests, employees, etc. for personal injury, bodily injury, death and/or property damage occur within the project.

PETS: Pets are not allowed without the express permission of the Landlord Agent and payment of any Rancho California RV Resort Pet Fees. Any violation of this will be considered a violation of this lease.

SMOKING: Allowed at the discretion of the Landlord Agent.

DRUG RELATED ACTIVITY: No illegal drug activity is allowed. Any violation of this will be considered a violation of this lease and tenant will be evicted immediately.

WASTE: The Tenant(s) agrees not to commit waste on the Premises, maintain, or permit to be maintained, a nuisance thereon, or use, or permit the Premises to be used, in an unlawful manner. The Tenant(s) further agrees to abide by all Rancho California RV Resort, Local, County, and State noise ordinances.

GUESTS: There shall be no other person(s) living on the Premises other than the Tenant(s) and any Occupant(s). Guests the Tenant(s) are allowed for periods not lasting for more than forty-eight hours unless otherwise approved by the Landlord Agent.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Should Tenant(s) cancel reservations the following policy shall be in effect.

  • 30 days before lease is in effect: 100% refund minus 10% processing fee
  • 8 – 29 days before lease is in effect: 50% refund minus 10% processing fee
  • 7 or less days: 100% of payment is not refundable
  • Any advance payment beyond the deposit and first (1st) month’s rent is refundable

SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A $500 security deposit will be charged to the credit card used at booking five (5) days before Tenant(s) check-out date. Landlord Agent will inspect the Premises after Tenant(s) departure and the security deposit will be refunded within seven (7) days of inspection if no damage is found. If damage at the Premises is found the Landlord Agent will contact Tenant to explain damage(s) and next steps.

Check-in 1:00 pm  —– Check-out 11:00 am

Failure to make payments on time or to comply with rules & regulations of the resort or requests from security will result in your receiving a 72-hour written notice to leave. If you fail to leave within 72 hours the management has authority pursuant to Section 799.58 to have RV and personal belongings removed from the lot to the nearest secured storage facility.


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